Press Release



WSBN TV is not just about broadcasting your game or event. We are all about the athletes and helping them reach the next level with our valued partners.

Press Release

WSBN TV is pleased to announce our expansion. WSBN TV is known for its up to 9 camera professional productions and TV shows.

WSBN TV is all about the athletes, and just offering a professional broadcast is not enough in our eyes. If you are like us and want to see your athletes grow, learn, develop, get exposure, and get to the next level, then WSBN TV has what you need. “We want to be your partner,” says WSBN TV representative Kara Packet. “WSBN TV has the best broadcast and network system on the market for teams and athletes.”

” Football needs to start working with the athletes and that is exactly what WSBN TV has done” says sales rep Josh Harris.

“Full analytics for every athlete in all sports with the players dorm and player profiles plus a professional broadcast is exactly why I jumped at the chance to work with WSBN TV” says Robert Kong- Quee

“We are excited about working with WSBN as we feel they will become the ESPN of youth sports! The broadcasting capabilities & quality combined with their recruiting partners for these athletes is an incredible combination which will drive the future of the youth sports market. WSBN offers an all-in-one solution for athletes, programs, and facilities for every sport!”  Leo Fenn, Tahoe Prep Academy 

With that, we are pleased to announce our new/additional broadcast systems and our valued partners to give the athletes the exposure they deserve.



We have 4 different solutions available. Each one designed to be tailored to your needs.


Solution 1 – Permanent camera solution for all indoor and outdoor venues – 4K 1080 crystal clear image with auto tracking, scoreboard, graphic overlays, play-by-play (on location or remote).

Solution 2 – Permanent camera solution for all indoor and outdoor venues – 4K 1080 crystal clear image with auto tracking cameras (2) with scoreboard, graphic overlays, commercials, highlights, and more. Play-by-play (on location or remote). Portable solution available.

Solution 3 – Broadcast your own game/event on our network. Manned camera (s) with scoreboard, graphic overlays, play-by-play (on location). Portable. One camera and two camera solutions.

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Solution 4 – Full WSBN TV Broadcast – up to 9 camera angles: Multiple cameras, play-by-play, color commentator, replays, logo overlays, picture-in-picture, multiple views, and more.



Team, League, Facility Solutions:

TV station – Have your own TV station reaching potentially 330 million people.

Team network – Showcase your program, athletic department, teams, and players with your own team network.

Player’s Dorm – All players get their own web site with a complete WSBN player profile.

Player Profiles – The most extensive player profile, (no matter the sport), on the market today.

Scouting Video – The most extensive video designed as per the requirements from the scouts. Scouting – Our own scouts working with scouts/universities at all levels, sports, and leagues – getting them the information they require and giving the athletes additional exposure.                Radio Station – Have your own radio station and take it anywhere.

In addition, we have partnered with the best in the business to give the athletes the best exposure and all the analytics the scouts need to help players get to the next level. More sports analytics to be announced in the next couple weeks.


Provides game-changing intelligence to help make in-game decisions and develop long term strategies for teams and individual players with analytics. This is combined with Statstrack’s video portal which automatically cuts the clips of game events and makes Statstrack an all-in-one necessary tool for teams at all levels.


The best coaching app on the market today! Get live clips right on the bench to coach your players with instant replays.. Plus, their coaching mentorship application has direct access to our WSBN TV player profiles.


Take your game to the next level with Helios. Their technology helps athletes improve by benchmarking their performance, highlighting strength and weakness in comparison to others their age, and providing insights to get better faster.

The quickest way to get video highlights for your on-ice shifts directly to our WSBN player profiles.


Live scoring and players stats live in our broadcasts and player profiles.


Player analytics is one of the strongest assets when it comes to developing players. With Skillshark, we can easily compare players and use historical data to track player progress and development.


Independently validated and trusted by football teams worldwide, their wearable technology is proven at the highest levels of the game.


Use video and data analysis to detect vulnerabilities. Decide what to focus on and develop technical and tactical strategies to improve performance and reduce injuries.

GOAL LINE A trusted leader in building and powering sports websites.



WSBN TV is always looking to enhance the viewing experience for the fans and make sure the athletes achieve their goals with the best exposure we can give with our partners.

What does this mean for you:


Facilities: You can now offer your teams and viewers a professional broadcast with a clear high-resolution video that you can monetize.

Teams, Leagues, Associations: Whether you are an individual team or a multiple team league everyone of your games can be broadcast live with full play by play and color. Complete with all the analytics that you require allowing you to analyze your team / players performance.  No third party required. Home and away games with a 4k production that puts your program in front of millions of people. Add your own radio station and take your broadcast to another level. Plus monetize your games.

Athletes: Want to get to the next level? Tired of doing all the work yourself or paying high fees? WSBN player profiles are the most in depth on the internet giving you the exposure you need. Plus, we have our own player reps and scouting department to help you. Along with our partners you have all the stats / analytics of your game and a full mentorship.

The Fans: Watch anywhere on any screen in 4K. A professional broadcast that you have become used to from watching the professional leagues. With all the stats and analytics with knowledgeable commentators.   


Partner with WSBN TV today.