We at WSBN TV believe in a quality broadcast and helping athletes get to the next level.


If you are in the business of advancing players to the next level then you want a WSBN broadcast. Because each of our multiple camera production you get enhanced analytics that others can’t provide. 

Some of the analytics you get with a WSBN TV broadcast:

  • All-round data supported with video to put performance into context
  • Watch players’ shifts, shots, goals, assists, powerplay and more
  • Analyze teams and players by events, games or seasons
  • Every piece of data is clickable and available in video
  • Create custom playlists you can share
  • Compare Teams / Players / Game stats / Reports
  • Learn about rosters, lineups, transfers and more
  • A complete scouting department in one platform
  • Elaborate and easy to use – evaluate targeted players with video scouting
  • Apply your club’s template style with our highly flexible scouting tools
  • Integration of lineups, game information, stats and videos to your scouting report
  • Share reports with your team or decision-makers
  • Watch players’ shifts, game events and stats
  • Keep your scouting work organized with folders and lists
  • Easily find completed reports by selecting the filter you need
  • Use the report comparison functionality to visualize your player assessments
  • Make scouting reports from your smartphone to stay on top of the game
  • Efficient scheduling: improve your time / team management, planning and game coverage
  • We take a coach-centered approach toward player development
  • Leverage diverse text and drawing tools to present solutions or points of improvement
  • Analyze your players’ performance in less time with the pre-tagged Arena Events
  • Clip specific game moves and save them in a playlist
  • Measure players’ progress with custom reports: player development, fitness tests, medical tests, and more
  • Instantly share your playlist with players or staff – accessible on mobile devices
  • Develop technically proficient, strategy aware, physically athletic and mentally confident players

Analytics for hockey, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and more.

Looking to have your game / event broadcast on our network? See our Broadcasting Comparison Sheet

We at WSBN strongly believe in sports in the world.  From grassroots to pro prospects, we strive to provide topflight coverage of all sports at every rung on the developmental ladder.  It is our goal at WSBN TV to promote and reward the hard work of all our athletes with the maximum amount of coverage possible.

WSBN – The cutting edge of broadcasting sports in the world all the while promoting your business.

WSBN – The first true online sports broadcast company that offers up to 9 camera angles.

All our broadcasts are on WSBN TV (IOS and Android players), Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire (download the BoxCast App) (129 million users), Stream for Free Roku, Maybacks Global Entertainment (35 million users) and smart TV’s in Asia, India, Europe, Spain and Germany  (170 million users). Others to be announced.

WSBN – The fastest growing sports media in the world – Reaching more then any other media.