Your broadcasting check list:

Do you care that your game is just streamed, and nobody really cares about the product being produced? Yes No

Do you care who is watching? Yes No

Do you care that your athletes are not getting the best coverage? Yes No

Do you care if it is just a one camera production? Yes No

Do you care if it is an artificial intelligent camera? Yes No

Do you care that the broadcast may look like a fishbowl? Yes No

Do you care if they offer player profiles? Yes No

Do you care if they offer player analytics? Yes No

Do you care if they interview your players or staff during a game? Yes No

Do you care that scouts and universities must pay to see your athletes? Yes No

Do you care that footage isn’t available free of charge? Yes No

Do you care that it is limited as to who can watch and where? Yes No

Do you care if there is play by play or color? Yes No

Do you care that the players and game is broken down in pregame, postgame shows and between periods? Yes No

Do you care if they care about helping you advance your players? Yes No

Do you care if they offer other methods to promote you program and athletes – example interviews, TV shows, articles? Yes No

If you answered no to the above questions, then you are set, and you do not need to read on.

But if you want:

An NHL Style Broadcast for the athletes including:

Multiple camera production – including net cams and 360-degree camera (no artificial technology – manned cameras)

Play by play and color


Live highlights posted on your site

Pregame and post-game shows

Picture in Picture


Between period interviews

Sponsor promotion


TV shows

And much more

Statstrack – provides the game-changing intelligence to help make in-game decisions and develop long term strategies for teams and individual players base on analytics. This, combined with statstrack’s video portal which automatically cuts the clips of game events makes statstrack an All-in-One tool for teams at all levels.

-Live tracking (we work when the teams play)

-Data available between periods

-Game report available right after the game

-Automated video clips sortable by period, player, event type, game range

-8 or 10 game trend reports for individual players and the team (shows progression)

-For away games, we can either track live, or if we get a link (youtube, fb, mp4), we can track the following morning by noon

Klevr – the best coaching tool on the market. Replays right on the bench live in the game

WSBN prospects database – profiles of athletes that scouts and universities want to see with game footage, highlights, scouting videos, stats, bio, interviews and more. No other database has this much information on the athletes.

MCN Sports Advising – professional feedback through videography in-person player evaluations. Athletes will be provided with mentoring and detailed information on correcting and improving.

Scouting – international rankings of players for the NHL with articles and video – coming U14, U15 and U16 rankings

Radio – take us on the road with you

APPs – have your own Android and Apple apps – league and team

Web site – with our partner Goal Line you now can have a professional web site, live scoring, embed our broadcasts and tie into our prospects database.

TV Shows – promoting athletes and your programs

Your Game Day Show – NEW – A 3-hour TV show promoting your athletes, program, and games on your game night

Major Junior – podcasts and articles

Largest online, TV, and cable TV network

All footage available free for scouts and universities  

Coming – Drive hockey analytics: Games ASTV broadcasts or set up to track

  • Athletics: Speed, Acceleration, Edges, Delays, Endurance
  • Effort: Work / Rest, Distance over Time, Time at Speed, Time Accelerating
  • Short Game: Angular Speed, Puck Pursuit, Tight Turns, Agility, Delays, Deaccel
  • Long Game: Linear speed, Breakout Acceleration, Wide Turn Distance

We’ve created an outlet. A place where athletes, people, businesses around the world can share their stories and their passion. We allow people to live the dream daily through our TV shows and live (Free to Watch) broadcasts.


WSBN TV is growing and plans to be live 12 - 14 hours per day with shows plus live broadcasts.