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World Sports Broadcasting Network is looking to add to its growing team. We are looking for broadcast managers, scouts, profile managers, and more across the world as we expand our TV sports broadcasting, TV shows, radio, and scouting.

You will be working with teams, leagues, and associations as well as individual sports to get their games and events broadcast on our ever-growing network.

WSBN TV is looking for broadcast managers, scouts, and profile managers for:





Baseball / Softball


And others

Along with broadcast managers we are looking to add scouts for hockey, football, basketball, and baseball across north America to rank players from the U 15 level on up. The top 20 to watch list in your province / state. As well, work with these athletes to build their professional profile.

As well, we are looking for hockey, football, baseball, and lacrosse, reporters, play by play, producers, and TV hosts across North America.

Are you a coach or trainer for hockey, football, or baseball we want you. Provide the athletes that play these games with tips during our broadcasts. on our TV shows, and our web sites.

If you like to see athletes get the exposure, they deserve contact us to at

For additional details and get involved with helping the athletes.


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