Partners and Affiliates

WSBN TV is pleased to announce our broadcast partner and affiliate program. Anyone broadcasting sports, sporting events, or running your own TV show WSBN wants to partner with you.

WSBN TV is dedicated to sports around the world and has an online TV station that also broadcasts to Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Airy TV, and others. New destinations to be announced including cable and satellite.

Have your own TV station / channels, reaching millions per broadcast.

Like YouTube we have set up an advertising revenue sharing program, using the exact same metrics. The difference being we are only for sports. Opening the door for business that want to market themselves to your fans and followers.  

You won’t be lost with millions of other broadcasts and programs that have nothing to do with sports. No more copyright infringements and no more broadcasts being blocked because you ran your own ads.

Promote your station / channel to your followers and sell advertising on them.

WSBN wants to work with you. Whether you are just starting out and need help getting set up or have been broadcasting for a while.


Contact us today for details and remember with WSBN you own your content.

We are looking for producers, reporters, and camera people.