PPP is focused on maximizing the Fall experience for Prep Players”. 

Peak Performance Prep (PPP) is a new and exciting Fall Prep League.  It is dedicated to providing Prep players and families with an experience that allows players to enjoy the Prep School life while playing competitive hockey with their school teammates.   PPP emphasizes promoting their players on a platform that will give them an opportunity to continue to pursue hockey beyond Prep School at the Junior and College levels.   Our commitment is and always will be putting our players’ needs first and our approach will always utilize a players first mentality.   PPP also works closely with Prep Schools and Coaches to ensure that their teams and players are prepared for the Winter season.   

 PPP is Fall Hockey “The Prep Way!” 

This channel has been shut down due to non payment.

Chris Jones had us set up a TV station, team networks for 11 teams. Plus player profiles for each player. Out of pocket  costs of $57,500.00  We broadcast 20 games. Then Chris cancels the agreement via text and then their check bounced.

Steve Kauffman works for the Premier Hockey League of New England and the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League . Watch if he owes you money. 

Update Dec 23, 2023.

We are willing to take a huge loss from this and asked owner Steven Kauffman to pay of us for the games we broadcast and lets move on.

On Dec 12, 2023, we had a series of back-and-forth emails.

Steve said.

“I’m away on vacation and will address when I get back on Monday.” 

“I want to resolve this Monday when I get back.” Being Monday December the 18th

We asked to settle on the 14th instead.

Steve stated.

“I told you I’m away and I do want to settle.  I can pay when I get back. “ Being the 18th.

Now Steve is ignoring all our emails.

Looks like Steve and Chris had zero plans from the start of this to ever pay.

Dec 27, 2023 Update

Steve claims back Monday means 2 Mondays later Dec 25, 2023

Steve says he wants to settle. We make offer for partial payment today Dec27, 2023 as he wants a meeting with us. Now he wants all the emails between us and his employee Chris Jones, plus and other emails we received. We refused to send and now says he not paying. Makes us think Steve has no money to pay. 

Every time we think it is settled Steve comes with another excuse. Stall tactics at its best. Why? We gave you a service and are asking to be paid for that service. 

Example 11:45 AM Dec 27 Steve requests emails from Chris to our clients. We say we have no such emails or evidence he did. Says until we send he not paying. Can’t send what we don’t have. Just another excuse not to pay. 

Next he says i am not paying unless we send an agreement to pay from your lawyer. 

Dec 28, 2023 – Agreement to pay sent from our lawyer with payment due Jan 3, 2024.

Jan. 4, 2024 Update – Steve did not pay. Steve has no intention of paying it looks like. We did a service for him and he has decided to screw us. We even wrote off  over 75% of the invoice.

Jan 4, 2024 afternoon update – Steve emailed offering $5000.00. We didn’t respond and 2 hours later Steve emailed and said no deal and that we would have to deal with his attorney. His reason was because we had emailed the NEPHL league. We have been told about this attorney many times and have never heard from him / her.

Jan 8, 2024 Update – Steve has lawyer send us a letter saying not to email him anymore or they will send us to the FBI. Wonder what division of the FBI that would be?

Jan 16, 2024 Update – still no money. We will be charging Steve with fraud.

Jan 28, 2024 update -RCMP in Canada have been met with for fraud charge.

Feb 15, 2024 Update – Made Steve an offer to settle once again before we proceed with Judgments. nd you guessed it. No response. 

Feb 20, 2024 Update – if you run a tournament and Steve wants to bring a team get paid upfront. 

Does Steve even care that he screwed us out of $120,000.00? We deal all over the world and this is the only client that hasn’t paid us. How many others had he done this too? 

Steve owns Peak Performance Prep Hockey, Broncos Hockey Club, Little Rhody Hockey Club and is involved with EJEPL, THENEPHL, and DMV Prospects.

Premier Hockey League of New England – Steve is Director of Hockey Operations – watch out parents 

If you actually has any intentions of paying, you have the invoice just put in your credit card. But you don’t it is just another stall tactic. 

Come on Steve enough of the stories, excuses and lies. Just pay us what you owe us. Sorry no just pay us what we willing to settle for. We will take the loss on the rest and chalk it up as a lesson learned. 

Watch for our new TV show “The dark side of Sports” Special guest Steve Kauffman if he attends. 

Parents watch out – Steven Kauffman owns Peak Performance Prep Hockey and the Broncos Hockey Club. He is also the the Director of Hockey Operations with the Premier Hockey League New England. WE do not know if he is an owner in this league but our lawyers will find out. Is this the person you want your kids associated with? 

Player / parent that were promised by PPP (Chris Jones)  player profiles and broadcasts please contact us at WSBN TV as we will honor the player profiles for you and work with you to get the games broadcast on the profiles.  You paid for this in your fees and we will work with you to insure you get what you paid for. 

WSBN TV is all about the athletes and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. 


WSBN TV Staff 

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