World Sports Broadcasting Network 

Coming this fall the WSBN TV station

WSBN is pleased to announce all sports TV and Radio station.

The way people listen or watch content today is changing and WSBN is proud to be a leader in this industry.

Imagine having your station for your academy, league, or sport. Now you can.


WSBN will be launching an all-sports radio network with stations for different sports and different areas of the world. If you have a podcast or always wanted to be a radio DJ contact us today to get involved.

Teams, leagues, and association can now have their own radio station as well or just have your games / events broadcast on the WSBN radio network.

A 24 hour a day all sports radio station with podcasts and live broadcasts. Along with this there will be stations around the world as well as league, team, and association stations. Some of these stations will be and not limited to college sports, AAA hockey, JR hockey, sports in Long Island, high school football, basketball, Sweden sports, and more.

TV Station:

WSBN TV will be an all-sports TV station. Channels for all sports and all levels with lives games / events and TV shows. Channels such as AAA hockey, JR hockey, lacrosse, baseball, women in sports, college football, etc.

 You too can now have your own online TV station with WSBN TV. Broadcast your games / events on the only sports TV station. Example the JR A hockey channel or the High school football channel.

With WSBN people can watch via the web, apple / android mobile player or with an app.

WSBN can produce your content and broadcast it for you to your own TV channel. If you already have content, you now can have your own channel as well on WSBN TV.

Contact us today to get involved with WSBN TV and expose your sports/ program on the fastest growing network in the world.  WE are also looking for station and broadcast managers.

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Other channels  and full schedule coming. Currently we testing per day

Like to have your own channel?  Contacts us 

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