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 The best in Scouting Software indispensable administrative tool for elite hockey leagues, teams, General Managers, coaches and scouts.

SportContract provides the game-changing intelligence to help make in-game decisions and develop long term strategies

GameSheet meets all the requirements of the traditional paper score sheet and then blows it out of the rink with the benefits of being digital.

Take your game to the next level with HELIOS®. Our technology helps athletes improve by benchmarking their performance, highlighting strengths and weakness in comparison to others their age and providing insights to Get Better, Faster. All from a powerful and user friendly app.

Want to help your players advance to the next level?

WSBN proudly presents:

“Your Team Network.”

With our commitment to the athletes and helping them advance to the next level, we have developed “Your Team Network”. Your team, league, academy, prep school, or association can now have your own TV network complete with a player’s dorm with WSBN.

What  “Your Team Network” Includes:

  • Your own TV station – Online, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV 129.9 million users and additional apps / cable networks 170 million users,  
  • Your own radio station – optional
  • Home and away games are broadcast with play-by-play, color, and up to 9 camera angles
  • Pregame and post-game shows
  • Your team’s own TV show
  • Player profiles – each player with a complete profile for scouts and universities (best on the internet)
  • Scouting videos
  • Player interviews
  • Team interviews
  • Team and player highlights
  • Team and player analytics
  • Team and player stats
  • Scouting reports
  • Player of the week/month
  • Articles
  • Players-only pages – Players Profile / Web Site – personal pages for scouts and universities  
  • Connect with mentors and analysts.
  • Player of week/month
  • Games are archived and free for scouts and universities.
  • NIl – name, image, and likeness services – US athletes only

WSBN will build you your own TV network along with a complete player’s dorm. Helping you help the players in your program reach their goals



WSBN.TV (iOS and android players available) 25000 views per day

Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku (download the Boxcast app) – 129.9 million users.

Stream for Free Roku only 70 million users

Maybacks Global Entertainment – 35 million users

Smart TVs in Asia, India, Europe, Spain, and Germany – 170 million users

All our social media and yours

Airy TV – 5 million users

COMING SOON: TV networks in Mexico and France. As well as an Android phone manufacturer and distributor as pre-install apps on their phones sold in Africa, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, and Central America. Additionally, they are in contract with T- Mobile for North America.

If you want the best broadcast available and want to help your athletes get to the next level contact us today!