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As part of our continued support of sports in the world WSBN is pleased to announce we will be launching the Women’s Sports Network.

This network will be dedicated to all levels of sports for women in the world. From broadcasts, TV shows, articles, interviews, profiles, and TV shows.

This network will be available on the WSBN TV station (women in sports own channels), Radio stations (women in sports own radio station), web site, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV along with all social media. Separate channels on the TV station for each sport, leagues, states and or provinces.

We are looking for TV / Radio hosts, reporters, producers, advertising reps, broadcast managers, and article writers around the globe.

The first Women in Sports network will be the place for all sports but most importantly the place to see the best talent in the world.


If you would like to be involved, have ideas, and want to help promote email us today sports@wsbn.tv

WSBN is growing and plans to be live 12 - 14 hours per day with shows plus live broadcasts.